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 Truck Financing

Trucking is currently a thriving industry, and a huge portion of American cargo is transported by trucks. With this volume of goods moving by road, the trucking sector has become quite lucrative. However, there’s the fact that large companies are moving the bulk of the load while smaller trucking business owners struggle to finance a box truck.

About National Truck Loans

On the bright side, we have good news—Truck loans! Truck financing in the form of truck loans is one of the most popular and reliable ways for business owners to handle the costs and miscellaneous expenses related to trucking as a whole.

Are you a small trucking business owner? Then, you should get truck financing and secure a truck loan from National Truck Loans. We run the best packages and options and always put you first.

Here’s Why You Need Truck Financing

There is money in the trucking business, yet it's expensive to run. With the strain of driving a truck and spending long hours on the road, it’s no surprise that good employees are difficult to find and retain. As a result, you'd need to compensate them well in order to gain their loyalty properly. 

As a small trucking business owner, you have to handle start-up costs, cash flow gaps, and challenges. If that’s not enough, you’ll still have to meet up with payroll. This is just one of the many things that getting truck financing can sort out. The loan funding can handle truck maintenance, spare parts purchase, day-to-day operations (or expenses), and other taxes and license fees.

We're Not Brokers - We Loan Our Own Money

Here at National Truck Loans, we do not have a rigid and inconsiderate approval process. We understand that traditional banks and leasing companies can be annoying. This is why we exist as one of the best big truck financing businesses out there. We have a track record of being understanding and giving trucking businesses the help they need to start or continue running. It is our own money. We have no hidden players behind the scenes, and we're not afraid to give truck loans to those we deem fit.

National Truck Loans doesn’t work for the dealer we work for you, the borrower.  We don’t give kickbacks and since it's our money we want to make sure our borrowers get a good deal because we are a team and if you are upside down then so are we, we want you to be at or below fair market value, we need you to buy smart and get a great deal, that way we are both in a strong position and both parties are happy.


Truck Financing Requirements

Truck financing would require a few things that a small trucking business must show to facilitate its application for a truck loan. The following truck financing requirements will determine the expected terms regarding loans, interest rates, and suitable down payment: 

  • You need a credit score of at least 650 to get the best truck finance rates. We can also provide help for those with lower credit scores. 

  • You need to have been in business and own a CDL license for more than three years, preferably. However, we finance start-ups as well.

  • A reasonable down payment amount for your desired truck.

  • A truck that is not more than a decade old and truck mileage is still less than 700k miles.


What is The Collateral for Truck Financing?

When you decide to get financing for trucks, which in this case are commercial vehicles, the equipment becomes the collateral for the truck loan. This helps the lender reduce their risks by a lot. Once the risk is reduced for the lender, you should easily qualify for trucking financing. 


Why Choose National Truck Loans?

It would help if you found a partner like National Trucks Loans that is willing to understand and support your trucking choices. Your success in the trucking industry is highly dependent on who provides the financing. 

We are highly experienced and are accessible to everyone, from small truck business owners to the owners of large fleets. We offer a range of trucking finance solutions and financing programs that are suited to your budget and wishes. At the end of the day, our only wishes are to support your profits and help your business grow.


How to Determine My Eligibility for Truck Financing?

It is always advisable to first seek approval from the truck finance company before actually meeting a dealer and selecting a truck.

We offer a simple and soft check on your credit without totally messing up your credit. The pre-approval process held by National Trucks Loans makes it easy to preserve your credit score while awaiting information on your eligibility for possible truck financing.


Factors That Determine Eligibility for Truck Loans

There are many things that come into play when determining the eligibility of a trucking business for trucking financing. Commercial truck financing is crucial to the success of these businesses. Having a truck that can efficiently adapt to the constantly changing regulations is important for a company to maintain sustained growth.  

It's always a smart choice to go with the best, as we have made the funding process swift and seamless. Do not waste time applying here and there. Instead, you can learn our requirements and move things around till you're a perfect match for financing.

To make things much easier, here are some factors that are double-checked and brought into consideration by the financing company.


  • Having good credit: 650 and above takes you through the door. However, National Truck Loans provide loans regardless of bad credit history. The overall credit will be reviewed, and it influences the final decision. We also try to look at certain positive parts of your credit history.


  • Down Payment: While you don't necessarily need to get a new truck, we advise you have at least twenty to thirty percent of the total cost for the down payment.


  • Time and Commercial Driver’s License (CDL): Having your CDL is compulsory, and if you've had it longer, that's a perk too. Three years of verified driving experience is the best-case scenario that makes you almost immediately eligible.


  • Age of Truck: Nobody wants to spend so much time fixing and maintaining a truck they just got. However, not everyone has the budget for a new truck model. Bottom line, for the application to be pre-approved, the prospective truck should be at most a decade old. Anything older may affect your eligibility in the long run.


Truck Financing and Credit

Credit scores play a big role in helping you get truck financing. So when searching for a truck, always keep your credit health in mind, as many small trucking businesses harm their credit scores to get a truck that's more suited to their taste rather than their credit score.

Choosing a really expensive truck when you have poor credit can be detrimental to your application for truck loans. So be careful to put your credit health first in making your choice for a truck.

It would be best if you also tried to avoid dealers because of your credit and stick to truck financing companies. This rings true especially when you're looking to apply for truck financing, as dealers also tend to send your information around. This leads to many hard inquiries that may damage your score extensively.

Don't be afraid, though; here at National Truck Loans, we offer you a soft-credit check. We are different, and our methods are carried out to make sure we don't do any damage to your credit score.

How To Get Truck Financing?

Obtaining finance for trucks has never been easier than this. It’s a bit different from normal vehicle loans or financing. If you're looking to get trucking financing, you can simply apply to National Truck Loans.

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What FICO Score Do I Need to Get To Qualify for Truck Financing?

Fair Isaac Corporation (also known as FICO®) Score is extremely important when looking for loans, and truck loans are not excluded from this. Your three-digit score shows your measurement of creditworthiness, and it describes whether you are known to pay back debts or default. It ranges between 300 and 850, with 300 as the lowest score and 850 as the highest.

As a rule of thumb, lenders are more willing to give loans to people who have strong FICO scores.


The following is a brief breakdown of FICO score ranges and what they imply:

  • 300 to 579: This score is pretty poor, and only a few people belong to this range. Most times, poor credit scores would attract larger fees and deposits. 

  • 580 to 669: These are the fair credit scores, and they are not so common but are much better than poor credit scores. People who fall into this range are sometimes called Subprime borrowers.

  • 670 to 739: This is a good credit score range. They are less likely to default on payments, and more people have their credit scores fall within this range. 

  • 740 to 799: This range is known as very good credit scores, and their interest rates are better. Most people are in this bracket or range. 

  • 800-850: This is the best credit score range, and the interest rates are amazing. They are characterized as exceptional scores, and they are usually the result of paying back debts on time and other factors.


In most cases, people have their credit score within the 600s to 700’s.

Advantages of Getting Truck Loans from A Truck Financing Company

When you get truck financing, you stand to gain a world of benefits, including:

  • Truck ownership without leasing or renting

  • Business growth with the ability to keep expanding

  • Financial flexibility with extra income to spare for emergencies and to sort out business expenses like payroll and taxes.


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Chris Cadahia

Great lender without the bureaucracy and gotcha’s from your typical truck finance broker. Really makes a difference when you work with a lender like National Truck Loans that uses their own money to fund loans and know the industry. They’ve been a great financial partner and appreciate the support!

SFL Supply Inc Review

SFL Supply Inc.

National truck loans helped me grow my fleet by several trucks. Very simple, professional and helpful on every step of the way until the end. Recommend to any carrier. Thank you

Juan Insegna Review

Juan Insegna

I had a very good experience. Micheal and Junior helped me a lot, they always answered all my questions and they work very fast. I recommend it.

Good Credit, Bad Credit, No Credit


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