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Engine Financing

Engine financing can help you fix a truck or another piece of equipment’s engine issues, enabling you to use it in a workplace to perform a critical task.

A preventative maintenance strategy can make engines last longer than they would. Similarly, an equipment protection plan can help you control costs while giving your trucks the best chance of a long usable life before substantial repairs are required. However, all engines will ultimately experience serious problems requiring more involved repair procedures.

What is Catastrophic Engine Failure

An engine overhaul almost always costs less than buying a brand-new piece of equipment and might be more cost-effective than a complete engine replacement. This kind of truck repair can undoubtedly pay off for businesses on a tight budget and those just searching for a different way to maintain using their current equipment.

While an engine overhaul is frequently mentioned concerning cars and on-road trucks, it is also possible for off-highway trucks and other heavy machinery. Having this option to finance an engine, your company can allow you to save money while continuing to use a piece of equipment that is exceptionally useful. At National Truck Loans we are happy to help finance your major engine repairs that are $15,000 and above.

Engine Financing

Engine Overhaul Financing

In simple words, engine overhaul financing is a technique to divide the cost of this beneficial activity into several installments. Not all companies have the funds to pay for unforeseen repairs such as engine overhauls. Therefore, your company can keep the budget to predictable expenses rather than having significant upfront fees. Businesses may have access to engine financing options, such as business loans, to help cover these expenses.

National Truck Loans help businesses with truck engine repair financing. We have incredible financing options for you, which entails getting in touch with our experts and learning the best options for your repair financing. It is essential to work with a lender with a reputation in the market to avoid the downtime of rework. You won't have to worry about your unexpected truck repair expense when you are in touch with professional teams at National Truck Loans.

You will find flexible truck engine financing at National Truck Loans. As you reduce the cost of an engine overhaul, your company can maintain a balance from month to month with the help of this revolving line of credit. This technique entails managing interest payments. But those interest payments will decrease monthly if you have a regular plan for paying off the debt associated with the engine overhaul—your business gains from used engine financing when the overhauled engine is prepared to resume service.

Our Engine Overhaul and Financing Experts are Here to Assist with Financing Process

As a long-term driver, you've likely needed an engine overhaul. For many owner-operators, having a down truck or an unexpected failed engine is stressful and financially disastrous. Fortunately, the team behind National Truck Loans gets your back in this critical situation. We have extensive experience in offering quick and straightforward engine financing.


Our team is wonderful to work with and has numerous positive reviews. Applicants with good or bad credit records will be treated equally. We don't lend money based on the company's size. We have options available to finance an engine for every business sector. If you have a broken-down truck and are unsure about your ability to pay for it, let National Truck Loans assist you with engine rebuild financing over $15,000 so you can get back on the road!


Engine Overhaul Financing - A Trucker's Best Option


National Truck Loans takes great pride in being the first reputable credit provider with incredible benefits for businesses looking for truck engine financing. We continue to be the premier source for simple, hassle-free overhaul financing in the trucking business after extensive years of experience.

We only work with truckers, and we are familiar with the business and the unique requirements of owner-operators. Due to these factors, we can accept you even if banks or other financial businesses won't even consider you. If your engine is starting to show indications of difficulty or if you need an urgent overhaul, take a moment to review some advice to finance an engine that we have gathered over the years.

Failure of a truck engine can be unpleasant and disastrous for your company. Feel free to contact us or apply online when this happens. If your semi-truck needs an engine overhaul, but you're not sure how to pay for it, you are a perfect candidate. Nobody makes engine finance more quickly and efficiently than National Truck Loans, whose exclusive business assists owner-operators like you.

Financing Solutions for Truck Owners and Repair Shops for Engine Overhauls

An engine overhaul can be expensive, so you might need more working capital to help. Some of the rebuild engine financings include:

  • Equipment Financing

This financing option helps business owners buy the equipment required to conduct their operations. The engine finance amount is based on the type of equipment required, and the payback period is often equal to the projected lifespan of the equipment, regardless of whether it is new or old. We are here to help finance your engine repairs $15,000 and above.


  • Split Funding


Transaction fees are deducted from a predetermined percentage of your business's Visa and MasterCard sales. Most of us are familiar with this phrase. These are based on your company's volume of credit card processing sales and do not have a predetermined repayment timeline. Typically, your company's future sales are the only thing that can ensure split funding.

  • Term Loans


It is a precise dollar amount loan with a predetermined repayment schedule and interest rate guaranteed by a bank. Term maturities range from one to ten years.

  • ACH Loan

Personal guarantees for these loans may be required, and their specified repayment terms can be daily, weekly, or monthly. These goods are designed for sectors of the economy that require a fixed payment and do not accept credit cards.

Truck Repair Financing

It's just the nature of the transportation industry that unexpected repairs or breakdowns happen. The likelihood of mechanical problems is higher when we buy used trucks or equipment than when we buy new trucks. While some costs are manageable, many customers resort to National Truck Loans for short-term truck engine financing when the cost of several repairs interferes with their capacity to run their businesses profitably. So that a little repair issue doesn't get out of hand and cost you or your company a lot of money, you should choose favorable rates to finance the engine. It's crucial to have access to professionals in these situations.

A repair line of credit is another service the National Truck Loans offers. Even if you don't need a repair, it's always a good idea to set aside money if your truck needs service. We can support fleets and owners and operators, and we support the transportation sector's ability to operate. You may conduct business with complete confidence knowing that you have a strong contingency plan to safeguard you, no matter the situation, if you have a credit line to help in an emergency or unforeseen event.


Is it better to buy a new engine or to overhaul your current one?


Engine rebuilds are a type of preventative maintenance for large diesel trucks. Engine replacement financing, typically done between 500,000 and 1,000,000 miles, can increase mileage and lengthen the engine's life. If they are properly maintained, smaller trucks might not require rebuilding.


Purchasing a new engine is frequently more expensive than engine rebuild financing, and you could save up to half the price of a new engine by rebuilding. With that knowledge, you may decide whether to repair the engine or get a new one.


What Makes National Truck Loans - The Best Place to Get Engine Financing?

A unique and comprehensive repair funding program is provided by National Truck Loans, with advantages for truck dealerships, repair facilities, owner-operators, and fleets.

Our approach does not require the truck's pink slip. You must qualify for simple requirements to finance an engine with our company. Our procedure only needs the owner's signature and has a rapid turnaround time (which helps save downtime). The engine financing process is effective and quick, giving you a steady profit. The only step in the straightforward procedure is for the trucker to complete the pre-qualification form on the National Truck Loans’ website. We handle the rest for you!

With our engine replacement financing, you don't need a "pink slip" or down payment, and the qualification requirement is simple and basic. Upon completion of repairs that have been approved, your shop is instantly reimbursed.

How To Get Engine Financing?

Knowing your eligibility for loan options to the finance engine will help shorten the application process and save time overall. You can avail of engine financing with National Truck Loans according to your business size, credit history, and annual revenue. For more information on finance engines, visit here. Get in touch with our experts to discuss engine repair financing options. After selecting the best engine overhaul financing option, you can reduce your limited business budget burden.

Providing Truck Financing For Bad Credit, Great Credit, and Everything In-Between



We will handle your paperwork once we have the signed contract back. Most trades are settled in as little as three days. We can quickly get the truck you need back on the road.


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Chris Cadahia

Great lender without the bureaucracy and gotcha’s from your typical truck finance broker. Really makes a difference when you work with a lender like National Truck Loans that uses their own money to fund loans and know the industry. They’ve been a great financial partner and appreciate the support!

SFL Supply Inc Review

SFL Supply Inc.

National truck loans helped me grow my fleet by several trucks. Very simple, professional and helpful on every step of the way until the end. Recommend to any carrier. Thank you

Juan Insegna Review

Juan Insegna

I had a very good experience. Micheal and Junior helped me a lot, they always answered all my questions and they work very fast. I recommend it.

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