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Dump Truck

The trucking business is thriving at the moment, and one kind of vehicle that has garnered a lot of interest is the "dump truck." Due to the high number of heavy products transported by road, a dump truck may be a rewarding investment.

As a result of the recent surge in the industry's profile, many people have begun searching for a dump truck for sale, but purchasing one might be difficult on a tight budget.


Need a dump truck and can't decide between buying and leasing? We at National Truck Loans are experts in providing dump truck financing; as such, we know everything there is to know about the legalities of owning and operating a dump truck: acquiring a license, registering the vehicle, obtaining insurance and warranties, etc.

Looking for Dump Trucks Financing - National Truck Loans Will Help You

Do you have dump truck financing bad credit issues? If yes, then National Trucks Loan is your solution.

Since National Truck Loans does not act as a middleman between lenders and borrowers, we have complete control over our funds. For this reason, we can easily finance a dump truck goal for any individual who aspires to invest in the dump truck business but has poor or no credit. Decisions are based on the whole person, not simply the credit score. We are here to support solo enterprises and new businesses in their pursuit of sustainable growth and self-sufficiency.

Our Company's Founders have worked in the commercial vehicle loan industry for over 15 years. National Truck Loans is a private moneylender focused on financing dump trucks and giving commercial truck loans between $15,000 and $250,000. 

Our goal is to deliver fast, friendly service that is tailored to each individual's needs, including dump truck leasing with no credit check.


We understand that managing a company is difficult, so obtaining dump truck financing shouldn't add an unnecessary burden. To this end, we work hard to gain our clients' confidence and cultivate lasting relationships that can quickly meet their future financial requirements.

Schedule a call with one of our experts at your convenience and enjoy a level of individualized service you won't find anywhere else.


Step-by-step Guide for Dump Trucks Financing

Dump truck financing works differently from financing a car. The standard criteria for determining eligibility for truck finance include credit, company income, and the number of years in operation.

The truck you choose to buy serves as security for the lender, reducing the risk involved in the lease or loan of the dump truck. You may increase your chances of getting finance for a dump truck if you take precautions to lower the lender's risk.

Your interest rate, term, and initial down payment on a loan or lease for a dump truck will depend on a number of things. Here is a rundown of everything you need to know to qualify for dump truck financing and the financial criteria and sums of money you'll need to put down.

1. Determine Your Eligibility – Get Pre-approved


It is a good idea to be pre-approved for a loan to buy a dump truck before you start shopping. Here at National Truck Loans, we offer a simple and fast application procedure for pre-approval. During your consultation with one of our financial experts, they will ask you several questions about your financial and professional background. We will then do a soft pull on your credit instead of a hard query.

Most of our rivals do a strict credit check. This will lower your credit rating. The pre-approval method we provide won't negatively affect your personal or company credit. After getting your credit report, we'll get you pre-approved with the maximum loan amount.

Factors That Determine Eligibility

Whether or not a trucking company is qualified for dump truck finance depends on several factors. Obtaining funding for commercial trucks is essential to the survival of many enterprises. A business's long-term success must have trucks that can easily adjust to the ever-evolving road rules.

When it comes to fundraising, choosing the greatest option is always the best option, and we've made that possible with our streamlined approach. Stop applying to random places. Instead, you may read up on our criteria and make the necessary adjustments until you meet them.

The finance firm checks and considers the following items to make the process smoother for you.

Having a solid credit history


650 is the threshold for entry. Bad credit is no problem at all for National Truck Loans. The whole amount of credit is taken into consideration. As far as possible, we also take into account the favorable aspects of your credit report.

Cash In Advance

You should have at least 20%-30% of the vehicle's entire cost saved as a down payment, although a new truck is not required.

Time and CDL (Commercial Driver's License)

A commercial driver's license is required, and more experience behind the wheel is always appreciated. If you have at least three years of verifiable driving experience, you should be considered very immediately.

Truck's Age: No one likes to put a lot of time and effort into maintaining a newly acquired vehicle. But not everyone can afford the latest pickup on the market. In the end, the potential vehicle may be no older than ten years old for the application to be pre-approved. The age of the item may have a bearing on your eligibility.

2. Dump Truck Financing and Credit

A good credit score can be crucial when shopping for a new truck. It's important to think about your credit score when applying for a loan to buy a new truck. Unfortunately, many truckers hurt their credit by applying randomly to any firm that claims to offer them their ideal vehicle.

It adds a lot of serious questions to your credit report because of this. Keep in mind that you could lose ten points for each challenging question. Applying to just four schools can cause a one-point drop in your credit score.

One more potential source of trouble is dealers. When you "apply" for truck financing at a dealership, the dealer may share your information with any financing institution it believes will approve you. Once again, this causes several pointless hard inquiries that might negatively affect a person's credit.

So how do you go about dump truck financing for bad credit? 


We can offer loans to customers and streamline their dump trucks financing process, thanks to our in-house financing dump truck program, which has absolutely no impact on your credit score. You can get pre-approved with us at National Truck Loans with just a simple inquiry. This will allow you to view your rates with no obligation or negative impact on your credit.

As a result, before you take any actions that may lower your credit score, you should be familiar with both your credit score and the dump truck financing bad credit options available to you from a variety of dump truck financing companies. Make sure your business decisions are well-informed by doing your homework.

The greatest decisions may be made with knowledge of the procedure and its impact on your credit score.

Breakdown of Fico Score Ranges

When applying for any loan, including a dump truck loan, it's crucial to have a high Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO®) Score. A credit score is a three-digit number that indicates if you are reliable with debt repayment. The lowest possible score is 300, and the maximum is 850.

Lenders are more likely to provide loans for dump trucks to applicants with higher FICO ratings. Explanations of what to expect from different FICO score ranges follow: 

  • 300–579: Very few individuals fall within this scoring range. Fees and deposits would typically be higher for those with low credit.

  • 580 to 669: Fair credit ratings are not very frequent, but they are certainly an improvement over the very low scores associated with bad credit dump truck financing. Borrowers in this category are frequently referred to as "Subprime borrowers."

  • 670 to 739: With scores in this range, you are in an excellent credit category. More individuals have credit ratings at this level and are less likely to be late on payments.

  • 740 to 799: Those with scores in this level are considered to have excellent credit and are eligible for lower interest rates. The vast majority of persons in this range or bracket may be found.

  • 800-850: The best interest rates are available to those with scores in this range. They are considered excellent and often result in timely bill payments and other responsible financial behavior. Typically, people's credit scores fall around the 600s and 700s.

What Affects Your Credit Score?

Many factors might lower your credit score and make it harder to qualify for dump truck financing. The following are only a few examples:

1. Record of Previous Payments

Whether or not you have paid on time is shown here.

2. Credit utilization rate  

Your current credit card balances as a percentage of your available credit.

3. Credit history (amount, age, and kind of accounts)

Lenders like to see a wide range of credit types on their reports. A mortgage, auto loan, and credit card help boost credit.

4. Outstanding Debt: How much do you owe between loans and credit cards?

Insolvencies, Past Due Child Support, and Other Public Documents - There is a negative impact on credit scores from bankruptcy filings and significant child support arrears.

5. Create a New Credit Account:

Multiple account openings in a short time frame might have a negative impact on credit. If you have applied for too many loans or credit cards in a short time, this might hurt your score.

6. Strict Inquiries:

Your credit score will be affected by the number of times lenders have requested your credit history. Your credit record will include these inquiries for two years.

Find Your New or Used Dump Truck

Shopping for a new or used dump truck is an exciting aspect of the dump truck financing process. If you're in the market for a dump truck, your best bet is to purchase from a trustworthy dump truck dealer.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when shopping for a used dump truck. Here is a set of recommendations that might be useful when shopping.

Choose a reputable dealer to make your purchase.

Whenever possible, go with a dependable dump truck dealer. Buying from a private seller is perfectly acceptable. Still, it's wiser to err on the side of caution, especially if you're investing a lot of money and counting on the vehicle as a source of income.


The things you plan to transport

The basics of driving a dump truck include knowing what you're carrying and how much it weighs. We must give serious consideration to this inquiry and its solution. Check the dump truck's gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) before purchasing.

Federal legislation restricts the maximum gross weight of vehicles depending on the number and spacing of their axles in an effort to protect federal highway routes and bridges.

The sort of dump truck you'll need depends on the materials you anticipate routinely transporting. 


Determine your engine's capacity

All the many brands of dump trucks share mechanical components—no matter whether it's a Cummin's, Detroit Diesel, or Paccar engine. Mack's engine offerings are branded as Mack MP Engines.

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) and load capacity must be calculated. You need enough power and torque to move your cargo around. Having insufficient horsepower might be problematic, but buying a too-powerful engine can be wasteful and expensive. Finding an optimal balance between speed and gas mileage is a priority.

Which transmission do you like to use while driving?

You may pick between manual and automatic transmissions, depending on the brand and model of your dump truck.

Manual vs. automatic transmissions both have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on your degree of comfort behind the wheel of a manual-transmission vehicle, your dump truck's make and model, and your preferences.

Manual transmissions are preferred by drivers who like to take their driving into their own hands. The modern automatic gearbox, on the other hand, is convenient and fuel-efficient.

The use of automated manual transmissions is increasing. It does away with the need for a manual transmission's clutch and hand shifter. In its place are electronic sensors, computers, and actuators, which change the gears automatically to adapt the pace of movement to the weight and purpose of the cargo.


There are normally two axle placement options available from dump truck manufacturers to the front and rear of the axle.

The axle placement significantly impacts the turning circle and handling. If you need to maneuver in confined spaces, axle-back dump trucks are the way to go.

Contact us today if you need assistance locating a reliable local dealer of dump trucks. Our list of excellent distributors covers the United States.

  • Identify the Brand, Model, and Year (No More Than 10 Years Ago)

  • Mileage (Less than 700k) (Less than 700k)

  • The truck's purpose must match your own.

  • Report on the Current State of Things.

  • Any significant maintenance has been done in the past.

  • The sale should ideally take place at a dealership specializing in dump trucks.

  • Truck's unique identifying number.

  • When was the dump truck last replaced?

  • You must submit a minimum of three photographs.


Lenders have safety and longevity in mind when considering whether to provide financing for the purchase of a dump truck. Why? Simply put, your vehicle will serve as the collateral for a loan.

To recoup their investment, lenders may repossess leased or borrowed dump trucks in the event of default.

3. Find Good Dump Truck Insurance

You will need to provide proof of dump truck insurance in order to be authorized for a dump truck loan. Lenders specializing in commercial trucks will guarantee this. When applying for dump truck financing, you need decent truck insurance just as you need it for your own car.

You get what you pay for in life, and that holds true across the board. You don't want to risk having to pay for costly repairs or legal fees because you weren't adequately covered for your dump truck or company.

Lenders of dump trucks often need the following types of insurance:

  • Risk protection

  • Insurance against material losses

  • Coverage extending from the bobtail for purposes other than transportation

  • Insurance for the things you're transporting or storing

Worker's compensation insurance is a need if your business has a fleet of dump trucks driven by workers. If you want further information, talk to a business insurance representative in your area.

Obtaining the proper dump truck insurance is a requirement for closing with most lenders. Feel free to ask your financial expert any questions you have.

4. Submit All Documents and Get Funded

After you've found a suitable dump truck and gotten the required insurance, you may finish arranging to finance. Get in touch with the finance team to finalize the application process.


Created paperwork will be sent to an inbox where it may be reviewed and electronically signed. Most legal papers now permit an electronic signature.

Providing Truck Financing For Bad Credit, Great Credit, and Everything In-Between

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We will handle your paperwork once we have the signed contract back. Most trades are settled in as little as three days. We can quickly get the truck you need back on the road.


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Chris Cadahia

Great lender without the bureaucracy and gotcha’s from your typical truck finance broker. Really makes a difference when you work with a lender like National Truck Loans that uses their own money to fund loans and know the industry. They’ve been a great financial partner and appreciate the support!

SFL Supply Inc Review

SFL Supply Inc.

National truck loans helped me grow my fleet by several trucks. Very simple, professional and helpful on every step of the way until the end. Recommend to any carrier. Thank you

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Juan Insegna

I had a very good experience. Micheal and Junior helped me a lot, they always answered all my questions and they work very fast. I recommend it.

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